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National Speakers Association's NYC Chapter Doubles Membership in First Year on AssociationMagnet

In just its first 9 months using AssociationMagnet, the New York City Chapter of the National Speakers Association doubled its membership! Details on how they did it . . . .


July 19th, 2010 (Los Angeles, CA) - New York City Chapter of the National Speakers Association Doubles Its Membership in First Year on AssociationMagnet!

The New York City Chapter of the National Speakers Association launched its AssociationMagnet website in September 2009, joining other association leaders around the country who have been using the Magnet Platform to power their websites and their association operations since 2002.

Benjamin Wolff is on the Board of Directors for the New York City Chapter of the National Speakers Association and manages their website and chapter operations. Here is what Benjamin had to say about their experience using AssociationMagnet over the past 10 months:

I think the most important thing for us is the AUTOMATION that the AssociationMagnet site has provided. We are an association made up entirely of volunteers -- and primarily self-employed volunteers at that -- so time is at a premium. Before going with your company our website was basically not much more than an online brochure. Everything about running our association was a hassle: keeping track of membership, keeping track of dues, who was current and not, keeping the webmaster informed of new events, and then reminding him (sometimes many times over!) when the new information was slow to get on the site. Managing our mailing list alone was a full time job itself that often got neglected. So, even though we had excellent programming it's no wonder that we were unable to build our membership. The fact is that we were unable to properly attend to our members the way a professional (even if volunteer) organization should.

By getting almost all the administrative functions of our association on the site we were finally able to concentrate on other things. This has made a huge difference -- doubling our membership in nine months! (We're considering moving our monthly meetings to a new venue just to keep up with the increased attendance.) Also, I just think guests feel more comfortable visiting a site for the first time and seeing that they can register and pay for events right there, that the information is timely (up to the minute!) -- frankly our site now truly feels like the site of an active organization that has its act together. And really, I'm not sure that it's more complicated than that. I think most people have a pretty good feeling for competence and attention. There are so many organizations these days that still suffer from poor sites with shoddy maintenance, out-of-date events, and badly managed lists that when a visitor sees something good it stands out. That gets them to look further. And then, when the programming is equally good it's not that hard to sign them up as members. People want to be involved with something that's professional, attentive, and well run.

At its core, The Magnet's technology delivers to the administrative staff a high degree of control over all types of maintenance tasks. In particular, the processes of content creation, membership tracking, event registration and management, and other tedious day-to-day tasks are now mostly automated and/or distributed among the team. Before adopting AssociationMagnet, this organization's website required their Webmaster's time and intervention for most/all tasks. Now the Webmaster job is divided among several of the chapter's staff and volunteers, none of whom have or need more than minimal background in web design.

From its inception, AssociationMagnet's architecture was designed with associations in mind. The result is a suite of tools that covers exactly what associations need to shine with their members, according to Jeff Goodman, VP of Marketing for AssociationMagnet.

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