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AssociationMagnet is an association management and website technology that allows associations of all sizes to get more done--more easily and more cheaply.

Frequently Asked Questions: General

What does AssociationMagnet do for us?
AssociationMagnet is a web-based application that (1) helps run your organization's operations and (2) gives you a sharp, professional-looking website presence to show to the rest of the world. You'll get a website with more functionality than you can shake a mouse at, and it will be ready in days/weeks, not the months/quarters that a custom-designed product usually takes! You'll also have access to a powerful suite of Association management, automation, and reporting tools that will save you hours of admin time, enable more of your staff and volunteers to collaborate with each other effectively, and allow you to get better results running your organization.

Specifically, what kinds of tools are there?
An easy-to-use Web Publishing Environment, a Membership Management Module, Event Management Tools, a fully functional eCommerce Module with Logic and Triggers, an Interest Groups Module, and a state-of-the-art Online Member Directory Module.

But wait--that's not all. We also provide a Member Benefits Module, comprehensive Self-Serve Capabilities, an eNewsletter Module, Career Development Tools, and an Auto-Notify Module that takes care of much of your member communication, including membership renewal reminders.

Can AssociationMagnet help me accept payments online?
Yes, our ecommerce is fully integrated with the entire Magnet platform and automates the process of selling memberships, event tickets, and anything else you want to sell. Your transactions are secure, and you can see sales results in real-time. In particular, you also have the ability to have different pricing for members versus non-members, and The Magnet will automatically make sure that people can buy only the items for which they actually qualify.

Can AssociationMagnet help me manage my website?
It's part of what we do for a living. You'll have better and more finely-tuned control over your website than you've ever had. More importantly, we'll help enable you to spread the website management out over as many of your staff members and volunteers as you'd like.

Does AssociationMagnet market to my users.
Absolutely not. We are a technology provider. Your users and your data are yours.

Does AssociationMagnet take a piece or percentage of my transactions?
Again, absolutely not. And this ends up being a substantial savings for many of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions: Technical

What kind of technical knowledge do I need to run a successful association with AssociationMagnet?
AssociationMagnet is built for businesspeople, not techies. You need to be able to use a computer and have access to the internet. With that, you're ready to begin adding content to your association's website and running your operations.

Is AssociationMagnet a pre-packaged piece of software that I purchase?
No, we are a classic ASP (Application Service Provider.) Our entire application is web-based, which carries the following advantages:
a. You don't need a web host; we are your web host.
b. Any administrative function can be done from any computer attached to the internet. Let's say that again: your team members and you can be anywhere as long as you have a computer with a secure internet connection. From your work desk, from your home, from your vacation home, anywhere.
c. Custom configuration and software upgrades are done for you remotely and are inexpensive and easy compared to the alternative of doing it all yourself.
d. The only hardware you need is a basic personal computer with an internet connection.
e. Data backup is done for you automatically, and the backup media are held offsite in a secure, controlled environment.
f. You'll have all the system reliability of an Advanced Unix Server.
g. Relatively low cost of entry and an extremely short setup time.

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