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Reasons to Adopt

Why Smart Associations Are Adopting AssociationMagnet

Next-generation website look and functionality
We do the hosting so that you can manage your website from any computer connected to the Internet. You'll have a simple enough interface that anyone and everyone on your officer team can contribute and collaborate--it won't require a programmer to create content. Your site will have a professional look that will set you totally apart from your peer organizations.

Organizations using AssociationMagnet become more profitable
AssociationMagnet saves organizations money by reducing the admin time required to service their membership base. Organizations also materially increase revenues, both through increased membership and increased attendance at events. Increased revenue plus decreased costs equals increased operating profitability for your organization.

Lower expenses let you lower event fees = increased event attendance
With the money you save, event fees can be lowered, increasing event attendance levels. Greater attendance translates into higher membership levels, which in turn gives you the people and interest level for even better event attendance . . . a classic virtuous cycle!

Track membership signups and membership participation in real-time
Want to know what your membership signups look like month-by-month over the past year? The Magnet's dashboard of reports lets you monitor in real-time how each of these metrics changes . . . and gives you the information you need to make the right decisions quickly and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Strong collaboration tools
Get more staff and volunteers involved in running your website and your organization. The Magnet's sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools make it easy for non-technical officers and volunteers to add content and administer your website.

Focus more on running your organization . . . instead of running a website
Having more people involved in running your website--and having the content on your website being fundamentally easier to create and manage--means that each staffperson spends less time doing work on the website. This allows you to make running the organization your primary focus.

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