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Today's Association Leaders face an ever-more demanding set of tasks and responsibilities. Value is not only asked for by your members but expected. It's up to you to figure out how best to efficiently deliver. AssociationMagnet helps you get it done!

Your Association Examined

Getting more done . . . more easily and in less time

How does the rest of the world see your association when they go to your website?
It's not all about perception . . . but your online presence will tell potential members--and indeed the rest of the world--quite a bit about your association. Does your current online presence do justice to the amount of day-in, day-out operational work that you do to keep the organization successful and running?

Don't be afraid to be honest here. It's actually the case with most associations that while their staff will have impressive expertise in areas like membership services, operations, marketing, etc., they won't typically have the same level of expertise when it comes to creating website presences that look equally sharp and professional. Fortunately, we do.

Many organizations have had the experience where designing, scoping out, implementing, and launching a new website took them months and months and months to actually complete.

That's not the case with AssociationMagnet. For our clients, the time to launch a brand-new, professional-looking website is measured in days and weeks . . . not months and quarters.

What does it take to enable your staff to do more in less time?
If it's true that most associations don't have an in-house staff of web designers working for them, then it's even more the case that they don't have a team of programmers building and maintaining their own custom-built set of association management tools.

That's where AssociationMagnet comes in. Our technology was specifically designed with businesspeople in mind, so it's easy for people without technology backgrounds to use right from the start.

AssociationMagnet delivers membership management features, the ability to reuse and intelligently leverage your website content, fully integrated ecommerce capabilities, a state-of-the-art online member directory, collaboration tools, automation functions, and networking applications. With this powerful arsenal at your disposal you will save hundreds of man-hours, increase your team's productivity, enhance your brand, and--most importantly--welcome your members to a next-generation association.

How do you engage your members?
The typical association is made up of people who are there for a reason. They are practical about their involvement, and for that reason, we call them Pragmatics. They are investing money for membership dues and their time, both of which are always at a premium. If you give Pragmatics a compelling set of reasons, they will join; they will be enthusiastic members; and they will encourage other people to join. After all, a growing organization is in their interest, too.

Whether it is lead-finding, career resources, business advice, or self-promotion opportunities, your association members are always looking for ways to "put their membership to work" and advance their careers. In fact, they expect you to deliver things like:

A powerful, easy-to-use, and state-of-the-art Membership Directory.
A professional-looking web presence that reflects well on the association . . . and on your members.
Making it easier for them step and volunteer . . . and easier for you to leverage their time and energy.

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